Medical File Transfer Flowchart

With so much information located on line these days it's important to have well-documented processes to make sure transfers are completed correctly to protect patient privacy. Use this medical file transfer flowchart template as a starting point to document your file transfer process. Simply customize it to reflect your own data paths, file naming conventions, etc. and your staff will have clear instructions to insure proper handling of file transfers.

Text in this Example:

FTP Medical File Transfer
Process Flowchart
6) Set department or person files are to be transferred to
5) Click on the www directory and click Change
4) You will see a listing of all the files and directories in your home directory
3) Log into the account (you will need Host Name, Username, and Password)
2) Decide which server on the Internet you want to connect to
1) Log into FTP system
10) Complete transfer
9) Locate your files on your computer
8) Select the files you wish to upload
7) Click on Copy, Transfer to upload your files

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