Medical Records Retrieval Flowchart

Lost or misplaced paper files can be time consuming and expensive to find or reconstruct. A medical records retrieval flowchart can help insure that your medical records are being handled properly. Start with the medical records retrieval flowchart example included in SmartDraw and tailor it to illustrate the steps in your retrieval process. You can even link to an office map to clarify where files are located.

Text in this Example:

Medical Records Retrieval
Is the requested chart in the main files?
Lookup chart number, copy the request form, and sort in appropriate folder based on chart number
Request picked up and in transit to Medical Records
Nurse places the request form in out basket to be picked up by Medical Record floor person
Floor person will then pickup chart
Chart to be delivered to appropriate nursing station
Chart is sorted and placed into the associated Doctor's basket
Nurse fills out a request form for medical chart
Notify nurse for reprocessing
Misfiled, in branch files, or storage files?
Is the card out?
The chart is out with a doctor

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