Organ Procurement Flowchart

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Organ Procurement Flowchart
- Liver Transplant
Procurement team is assembled
Is the referred organ for transplant suitable for the recipient?
Surgeon and physician receive information regarding potential donor
Is a suitable match found within national level?
Match list extended to national level
Is a suitable match found within regional level?
Match list is extended to regional sharing
Is a suitable match found within state boundaries?
Donor information entered into system, which prompts run to match recipient
Recipient is entered into UNOS Organ Center system, after patient evaluation
Recipient is admitted to the hospital
Does recipient get to the hospital on time (within 4 to 6 hours)?
As soon as organ is suitable for transplant, the organ recipient is notified
Organs packaged and transported back to the transplant hospital
Organs are removed by transplant surgeon at the donor hospital
Equipment and supplies taken to donor hospital
Patient recovery
Surgery: diseased organ is removed and replaced with healthy organ
Patient prepared for surgery, medical team gets into place
Recipient signs consent form?
Recipient is informed and educated about procedure
Unable to carry out organ transplant

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