Imaging Request Process Flowchart

Imaging is an integral part of medical diagnoses. Since it is also an expensive part, it's important to make sure that everyone involved understands the authorizations and activities involved in the process. Document the imaging process for your medical practice by starting with SmartDraw's imaging request flowchart example and customizing it to match the steps used by your practice. You can even link to authorization forms, contact information for imaging centers and insurance companies and more.

Text in this Example:

Imaging Request
Process Overview
Submit imaging request form
Complete corresponding imaging request form
Receive imaging request from MD or PA
Make corrections and re-submit form
Receive test schedule from lab
MD receives?
Enter results into PACS
Perform imaging procedure
Receive and review patient's information
Retransmit images and add to patient file
Archive images for future review
MD analyzes test results

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