Organ Donation - Medical Flowchart

Organ transplants save lives every day, but to be effective very specific processes must be followed. Make sure there is no confusion around the organ donation process in your medical facility with a detailed flowchart. Use this organ donation medical flowchart template and modify it to map the flow of your organ donation process.

Text in this Example:

Organ Donation Process
Transplant Occur
Recipient and donor organ ready?
Organ retrieved and prepped for transplant
Donor's information entered into UNOS database
Specially trained nurse and surgeon from organ donation center prepare organs for donation
Permission to transplant organs
Doctors inform family that patient is terminal
Can Patient be stabilized?
Patient arrives at Hospital with fatal injuries
Recipient and donor organ read?
Patient prepped for surgery
Patient brought to hospital and transplant team assembled
Transplant recipient matched with organ in UNOS
Transplant recipients registered with UNOS
Organ recipients' evaluated
Patient Treated and released when stable
Patient transferred to funeral home

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