Therapy Process Overview Flowchart

Treatment programs can be confusing for patients who are already worried and upset by serious diagnoses. Give them a visual illustration of what to expect with a therapy process overview flowchart. The therapy process overview flowchart template found in SmartDraw is a good starting place to outline a treatment plan-tailor it to show the steps of the process and treatments each patient can expect. Link to maps to treatment facilities, special patient instructions (e.g. meal plans), prescriptions, treatment schedules, etc.

Text in this Example:

Therapy Process Overview
Specialist's Opinion?
Patient is diagnosed with cancer
Diagnosis confirmed by a Specialist
Give patient consultation regarding their disease
Patient returns to the hospital periodically for follow up examinations
Treatment Type
Educate patient about their treatment and initiate a therapy track
Hospital assembles a team to initiate treatment
Fill out necessary forms and admit patient to hospital for treatment
Medical records and history are reviewed
Patient is placed in a simulator and x-rays are taken before treatment
Chemotherapy is usually given in 1-2 day increments every four weeks
Treatment begins and ends on the specified timeline
Treatment begins and continues daily for the specified timeframe

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