Trauma Triage Color Codes Flowchart

A key component of any disaster plan is a clear guideline as to what to do in various types of emergencies. This trauma triage color codes flowchart example provides a visual guide of recommended responses for various types of emergencies. You can modify it to show the responses expected by your organization, then post it so it is easily visible to your employees or visitors.

Text in this Example:

Trauma Triage Color Codes
Secure area and prevent others from entering
Account for all people in the area
Safely confine the spill if possible
Call 911 and/or Hazardous Materials Team
Remove people from area and alert others
Code Yellow (Hazardous Materials Emergency)
(airway, breathing, and circulation)
Begin life-sustaining activities and bring over Crash Cart
Call 911
Code Blue (Danger of Immediate Death)
Code Red (Fire Emergency)

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