General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Business

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Draft response to auditors' information request, prepare for audit
Draft and file application for proper licensing when forming professional or special purpose corporation
Order minute book, stock book and seal
Complete and file application for appropriate licenses to operate specific businesses, trade name applications, copyright application and financing statements
Complete and file application for employer identification number, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance and employer withholding tax registration
Complete and file election by small business corporations and subsequent shareholders' consents to such election
Draft and file certificates of designation for preferred stock issuances
Complete and file any assumed name certificates
Draft written consents in lieu of meetings
Draft shareholders, and directors' minutes
Draft notices, proxies, affidavits of mailing, agenda, ballots and oaths of judges of election, for annual meeting
Maintain a tickler system foe annual meetings, payments of bonuses to offices, contribution to pension and profit-sharing plans, exercise of stock options and filing of annual reports
Prepare and file annual reports
Complete change of agent/address forms
Secure license and permits, e.g., liquor, sales tax, health department and building permits
Complete reporting and compliance requirements for multi-state corporations including qualifying corporation under state law
General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Business
Draft business organization federal and state tax returns
Draft certificates or cancellation of certificates of limited partnership, trade name withdrawals
Draft amendments to partnership agreements, certificates of amendment to certificates of limited partnership and amended trade name documents
Draft and trade name documents
Draft certificates of limited partnership
Draft partnership agreements including non-competition assignment of interests, and approval of substituted partner
Compile and index documents in corporate transactions
Conduct due diligence investigation
Draft articles of dissolution
Obtain consents to assignments, releases, and signatures on consent resolutions
Prepare and file financing statements, UCC agreements or amendments
Prepare closing files and bound volumes
Assist in closing, managing assembly and execution of documents
Draft closing checklists and closing memoranda
Draft articles of merger and plan of merger
Draft plans and /or resolutions of liquidation or dissolution including required state forms to effect dissolution
Draft shareholders agreements, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements and stock option plants
Draft subscription agreements, stock certificates, investment letters and banking resolutions
Draft bylaws, notices and minutes or consents for organization meeting
Obtain good standing certificates from Secretary of State
Draft certificates of authority for foreign corporations
Complete and file qualification of foreign corporations
Draft and file articles of incorporation
Check availability and reserve corporate name

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