Guidelines for Preparing the Legal Memorandum

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Make it readable, interesting and succinct.
In your conclusion, list, refer to, or even include your most important citations.
Make sure your points are relevant to the case, and always connect your references to the specifics of your arguments.
Feel free to use forceful language In your discussion.
Preparing a Legal Memorandum
In citing cases, use the words supra, infra and ibid properly.
Supra (always underlined) means that which came before.
Infra (always underlined) means that which comes later.
Ibid (always underlined) means on the same page or in the same book
If citing old cases, be sure to explain that they are old, but provide the connection and purpose for providing the reference.
When including quotations, citations, etc., indent on both paragraphs with single space. Do not use quotation marks when indenting.
When copying statutes, do not copy underlines or asterisks, even if in the code book, because the lines under the words and asterisks are not part of the statute.
In citing a case, always place the official reports first, but also give the unofficial report citations
Guidelines for Preparing a Legal Memorandum

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