General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Foreclosure

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General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Foreclosure
Draft post-sale documents including motion confirming sale, direction sheriff to execute deed and writ of assistance
Draft pre-sale documents to begin execution including writ of execution and Draft Bid Sheet for sale
Draft subpoenas, notices of deposition, requests for production and prepare for trial if necessary
Draft motion and supporting documents for summary judgment
Draft motion, order of default, judgment and decree of foreclosure
Locate addresses of parties to be served, draft foreclosure complaint and arrange service
order foreclosure report and review with respect to priority of lien holders and parties to be served
Check for federal tax liens 30 days prior to sale and prepare and serve IRS with notice of nonjudicial sale if necessary
Record all proofs of service, affidavits of mailing and publication prior to sale
Prepare, serve and arrange publication of trustee's notice of sale on grantors, occupants, and subsequent lien creditors
Record notice of default and appointment of successor trustee
Set sale date and docket statutory deadlines to be met
Draft appointment of successor trustee, notice of default and election to sell, and trustee's motive of sale
Draft deed in lieu of foreclosure
Take possession, satisfy and transmit promissory note and original trust deed to trustee
Draft and record trustee's deed after sale
Appear at time and place set for sale to postpone sale
Prepare trustee's deed, certificate of non-military service and post-sale memorandum. Record deed and certificate
Prepare memorandum of amount due on sale

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