General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Criminal Cases

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General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Criminal Cases
Prescreen prospective new client
Draft notion for change of venue, demurrer and motion to set aside indictment
Analyze case based on discovery ; gather information for plea bargaining
Draft motion compelling discovery or to produce additional documents
Obtain discovery (police reports, search warrant, affidavit)
Prepare charges or plea for arraignment, make bail arrangements
Assist in initial interview of client with attorney
Draft jury instructions
Attend conference with prosecutor and pretrial conferences with judge and attorneys
Draft supplemental memoranda of low and trial memorandum
Arrange for diversion, civil compromise and work release
Prepare for trial, including interview and subpoena witnesses, examine physical evidence, tangible objects, scene of alleged crime, and coordination of outside investigators and experts
Draft motion in limine, motion for return of property, motion to postpone trial and motion to disqualify judge
Draft motion to suppress, motion to controvert, motion for civil compromise and notion for diversion
Research law regarding appealable issues and draft notice of appeal. assignments of error and arguments
Draft petition for leniency/probation
Attend conference wit client regarding presentence report
Draft motion in arrest of judgment, motion for new trial, and motion for release pending new trial/appeal
Attend and assist at trial

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