General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Collections

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General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Collections
Draft judgment, cost bill, and other supporting pleadings
Draft motions for or in opposition to summary judgment, including memoranda and affidavits in support
Draft summons and complaint
Draft demand letter to debtor
Verify employment
Investigate public records for assets, including real estate records and prior judgments
Conduct initial review of documents provided by client
Maintain communication with sheriff re levy on personal property
Arrange for posting of notice of sale or publication of notice of sale
Arrange for indemnity bond for sheriff
Draft, have issued and serve writ of garnishment, order to release garnishment and writ of execution
Draft, file and serve documents for judgment debtor examination
Draft notice of demand to pay
Maintain judgment account worksheet to record payments
Prepare and file satisfaction of judgment
Register judgment in a different state
Prepare affidavit for transfer of a foreign judgment
Obtain exemplified copy of foreign judgment
Transfer judgment transcript to a different court
Obtain certified copy of judgment transcript
Prepare bid and attend sheriff's sale on real property

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