General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Bankruptcy

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Draft, serve and file debtor's monthly financial statements
Maintain contact with client/debtor and verify compliance with instructions to debtors
Identify exempt property
Check UCC filings, real property records and taxes owed
Obtain case information from United States Bankruptcy Court Clerk
Draft and file petitions, schedules and proof of claim
Identify secured and unsecured claims of creditors
Confirm amounts owe to creditors and verify dated incurred
Interview client to obtain information for filing petition and schedules
Maintain log to check off discharges and status of bankruptcy
Attend Section 341(a) meeting and Plan confirmation hearing
Draft and file attorney's fee applications
Prepare motion to allow claim or objection to claim
Draft and file applications and orders to employ professional persons
Prepare prefiling letters to creditors
Prepare application and orders including enforcement of stay, restraining sales, reinstatement of utility service, venue, avoiding liens, approving reaffirmation or redemption and abandonment
Correspondence with creditors, creditors' committee chair, creditors' committee attorney, trustee and client
Draft, serve and file complaints in adversary proceedings
General Duties of a Legal Assistant in Bankruptcy

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