Three Quick Tips to Get "Unstuck"

Three Quick Tips to Get Unstuck - SmartDraw Blog | Productivity

It seemed like a productive meeting. Decisions were made and agreed upon. Your plan was set, or so you thought.

But things didn't move forward as you had hoped. What went wrong?

Chances are one (or both) of these things didn't happen:

  • Decisions weren't presented and documented in a manner that was clear to everyone in attendance.
  • Tasks were not clearly defined and documented to allow for accountability and follow-through.

3 Simple Tips to Help You Get "Unstuck"

Here are three simple steps to take that will help drive your meeting or project agenda forward with better results:

  1. Build a mind map by documenting discussion items and decisions. For action items, you can assign them to the people responsible using Trello by adding cards to any existing Trello board. This eliminates different interpretations and creates accountability. Mind map
  2. You now have an action plan, with all decisions and task assignments documented. You can turn this into a project chart (Gantt chart), by clicking on the "View as Gantt Chart" button. View mind map as a gantt chart
  3. Distribute the plan to your team members by emailing them a link. Share your ideas

Managers who document decisions and actions in this manner experience a significant improvement in results.

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