Learn the secrets of getting stuff done, planning, and documenting.

3 productivity tips

Three Quick Tips to Get Unstuck


It seemed like a productive meeting. Decisions were made and agreed upon. Your plan was set, or so you thought. But things didn't move forward as you had hoped. What went wrong? Here are three simple steps to take that will help drive your meeting or project agenda forward with better results. Read More

5 tips for a happier work day

5 Tips for a Happier Work Day


Over the course of our career, about one third of our waking hours are spent at work. This is a sizable number, and one that is much more easily digested if the hours are spent doing something that makes us happy. Being happy at work might not always seem easy, but it is very possible. Read More

5 secrets for getting stuff done

Five Secrets for Getting Stuff Done


The wall. We all hit it on occasion. For any number of possible reasons, we get stuck and just can't seem to get the things done that need to get done. Read More

Build a project plan

Would You Build a House without a Blueprint?


In business, trying to achieve something without a good plan is as futile as trying to build a house without a blueprint. To help your project succeed, start with a project plan. Read More

Three steps to avert disaster

Three Steps to Take Today to Avert Disaster Tomorrow


You just got the news no one wants to hear. Shari is leaving. The one person the organization can't function without. This is an absolute nightmare. What do you do now? Read More

Key employee and specialized knowledge problem

The Key Employee and Specialized Knowledge Problem


Processes can help prepare your organization for growth and help is survive change. Read More

Take stress out of deadlines

Take the Stress Out of Deadlines


Even the word is foreboding. Deadline. Break it down: Dead. Line. It conjures up all sorts of bad imagery—as though we're queuing up for our own demise. Is it any wonder we stress over deadlines? Read More

Planning only half the battle

Planning is Only Half the Battle


You've planned your day. The schedule is set. You're ready to do this, right? Not yet, according to Craig Jarrow, author of the blog, Time Management Ninja. You also need to prepare. Read More

10 icebergs that sink projects

10 Icebergs That Will Sink Your Project


The Titanic was said to be unsinkable. We know what happened. Many projects seem just as solid at the outset, buoyed by the optimism that naturally comes with new things. Read More

Kanban boards simplify your life

Why Kanban Boards will Simplify Your Life


Many of us don't have the words "project manager" in our job title. Yet, when it gets down to it, we manage projects on a daily basis. Read More

Three lean principles

Three Lean Principles You Can Apply Today


Transitioning into a Lean operation can seem like a monumental task. You want to be more efficient, you want to improve quality and consistency of output, and to cut down on waste. Where do you start? Read More

Project vs process

The Project vs Process Dilemma


Project management is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the enterprise environment. These days, it seems that any organized effort that includes tasks with due dates is deemed to be a project. Read More

10 Secrets of Successful Project Managers

10 Secrets of Successful Project Managers


Managing a project means facing a lot of challenging issues. There is a lot of effort involved. It begins with creating the right plan, then directing its progress to keep it on track, and finally seeing it through to fruition. Read More

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