How to Make a Sales Territory Map

Sales territory maps are an essential element of any regional, national or global sales force. With its comprehensive library of US and world maps, unique customization tools and great looking templates, SmartDraw will be a welcome addition to your sales team, wherever they operate.

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Open a Map Template

To create a sales territory map, go to the Maps & Geography category in the Template Browser and find a template for your desired region. For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll pick a regional map of the US that is already broken up into sections.

Sales Territory Map Regions

Customize Colors

You can customize the map by changing the color of any of the states by selecting a state or group of states and choosing a color from Fill colors on the Home ribbon. You can also simply click on one of our professionally designed themes to automatically change the look of the entire map at once.

Moving a State from One Region to Another

Say you want to make one of the Eastern Region States a part of the Central Region. Just select one of the Central States and click the Format Painter button in the Home Ribbon and then click on the state that you want to change and it will assume the format of the Central States.

Sales Territory Map Regions Sales Territory Map Regions

Creating a New Region

Suppose you want to create a new region on your map. Just select the states that you want to change and change the Fill color in the Home ribbon. Next, you'll probably want to add a corresponding section to the map's legend. Select the bottom row of the legend, right-click, and under the Row options, and choose Insert Below. Add your new entry to the legend and change the swatch to match the new section.

Sales Territory Map Regions Sales Territory Map Regions Sales Territory Map Regions

Adding Markers and Map Symbols

You can further customize the map with markers and other symbols from the SmartPanel, docked to the left of the drawing area. There are hundreds of map-specific symbols available, just select them and drag them to where you want them to go.

You can also add special graphical effects like glow, reflection, and drop shadow, to any shape. To add a drop shadow to your map's legend, click on the legend and choose from the options under Effects on the Home ribbon.

Sales Territory Map Regions

Resizing Your Map

All SmartDraw maps are vector based which means you can resize any map to any size without compromising image quality. Just select the entire map, click the Group button on the Design ribbon to lock the regions together and use the handles to resize the map.

Sales Territory Map Regions

Share Your Map

To insert your map into a report or presentation, use the Export for Office option under Export. You can also insert your sales territory map into any Google Workspace app like Google Docs and Google Sheets using the SmartDraw app for Google Workspace. It's that easy!

Sales Territory Map Regions
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