Payroll Swim Lane Flowchart

If there is one process it's essential to get right every time, it is payroll. Document the steps involved in your payroll process by starting with the payroll swim lane flowchart template found in SmartDraw. You can easily customize this example by adding or deleting steps, inserting links to detailed job descriptions, internal forms and more.

Text in this Example:

HR Manager
HR Assistant
HR Analyst
Performing Payroll
Payroll Complete
On Pay Day, Print and Distribute Live Checks / Check Stubs
Enter Processed Payroll Data into ADP
Account for PTO Accured / Used
Collect Incremental Pay Data
Collect Any Benefit Changes
Collect Hours from Hourly Employees
New Employees Added to Payroll?
Log into ADP Website
Click "Save and Append to Payroll
Enter the Relevant Information into the Fields Proved
Add an Employee to the Payroll Roster
Run Payroll Report and Give to HR Manager
Payroll Process

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