Involuntary Termination Process Swim Lane

Minimize the risks associated with involuntary terminations by having an up-to-date and complete flow chart of the steps involved. Use this involuntary termination process swim lane example as a starting place and tailor it to the process required by your company. You can even link to internal forms, state websites containing unemployment information, COBRA documents and more.

Text in this Example:

Performance Based Termination
Termination via Position Elimination
Termination Processes
Position Elimination
Performance Based
Manager Counsels Employee Documents Poor Performance
Employee Fails to Improve
Discuss Termination with Management
If Termination is Needed, Gather Documentation of Poor Performance
Notify Accounting IT of Termination
Conduct Termination Meeting with Relevant Parties
Give Employee Time to Pack Their Things and Escort Employee to Exit
Employee Returns Signed Separation Agreement
Employee has a History of Poor Performance
Company is Experiencing a Drop in the Amount of Work
Document the Decreased Need for Labor
Document Reason for Position Elimination

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