Pre-Press Process Flow Swimlane

Printing can be a significant expense to any company. Before sending something off to the presses, make sure you, your employees and your printer all understand exactly how the flow of documents and approvals will work by using the pre-press process flow swimlane template included in SmartDraw. Modify the steps or participants to reflect the specific process you will be following, and share the completed process chart with all the participants.

Text in this Example:

Plant Manager
Pre-Press Operator
Get Job Ticket and Send to Scheduling
Internal Scheduling
Create Pre-Press Proofs. Proofs Approved?
Schedule Pre-Press for Proofs
Return Ticket to CSR with Scheduled Print Date
Schedule Press for Press Dates
Electric Pre-Press
Electronic Imposition of
QC Pre-Press Proofs
Refine Customer Files into Correct File Format
Migrate Customer File to In-House Servers
Receive Job Ticket and Art Bag/ Job Information
Inform Customer of Scheduled Print Date
Pre-Press Process

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