SmartDraw 2017 Adds Visio® Export and Visio® Stencil Import

SmartDraw 2017 adds Visio® export and Visio® stencil import to its Visio® integration, plus an updated import capability that is now the best in the industry. Now SmartDraw can even more easily live alongside or replace Visio®.

SmartDraw 2017's new Visio® integration features include:

1. Improved Visio® Import

SmartDraw 2017's Visio import capability is second to none and imported Visio® documents are fully editable in SmartDraw. Even the most complex examples preserve their look and are fully editable.

Best Visio import in the industry

2. Visio Export

Documents created in SmartDraw can now also be exported and edited in Visio®. Documents created in Visio® can be imported, edited in SmartDraw and then exported back to Visio® in a "round trip".

Export Visio files

3. Visio Stencil Import

The Windows desktop edition of SmartDraw 2017 can now import Visio stencils as SmartDraw symbol libraries. Each shape can be used as part of a SmartDraw diagram like any other SmartDraw symbol.

This capability is coming soon to SmartDraw Cloud.

Import Visio stencils

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