Things to Remember about CPR

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6. Attempt 2 breaths If unable to ventilate: Reposition the head and attempt again
5. Look, listen, feel for breathing
4. Open airway
3. Call for "HELP!"
2. Check for victim's responsiveness
1. Check for safety
11. Breathing present, turn victim onto the side to maintain the airway (Rescue, or Recovery, Position)
10. Pulse present, give gentle, 1 second, rescue breaths
9. Attempt to ventilate, if unsuccessful repeat
8. Open then check mouth, sweep to remove seen objects
7. Do compressions
Opening the airway
Open airway by tilting the forehead and lifting the boney part of the chin.
Head tilts
ADULT may need to be hyperextended
CHILD: Neutral position, slightly extended
INFANT: Neutral position
Hand position for ADULT:
center of the sternum at the nipple line using heels of 2 hands
Hand position for CHILD:
heel of 1 hand on the sternum while maintaining the airway with the other hand or possibly 2 hands if necessary.
Hand position for INFANT:
2 fingers slightly below the nipple line (1 finger's breadth if small fingers) over the heart. 2 thumbs either next to each other, or one atop the other, while encircling the chest with the hands for 2 rescuer CPR.
Source: Division of Occupational Health and Safety, Office of Research Services, National Institute of Health.
Things to Remember about CPR

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