Visualize Your Azure Network Automatically

Generate an Azure Diagram From Data

As you begin a new design or planning phase managing your Azure architecture, you will need a visual of your existing setup. An editable diagram of your existing setup is a great starting point for your IT team to iterate on. Start your collaboration in SmartDraw. You might also need an accurate visual of your Azure setup for an audit or to onboard new team members. SmartDraw will generate visuals for any documentation you need.

With SmartDraw, you can connect to your Azure account and generate a visual automatically. No need to draw anything by hand. Click here to learn how.

Whether you need to optimize your design, onboard new employees, or audit your architecture, SmartDraw can do the drawing for you.

If you're an AWS organization, SmartDraw can generate AWS visuals from data too. You'll get all the VPS in a selected region with all the applicable groupings of availability zones and subnets. Learn more about connecting to AWS here.

Create Azure diagram from data
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