Drug Facts Label

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Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
The Active ingredient / Purpose section tells you about the part of your medicine that makes it work – its name, what it does, and how much is in each pill or teaspoon (5 ml).
The Uses section tells you about problems the medicine will treat.
The Warnings section tells you:
When you should talk to your doctor first.
How the medicine might make you feel.
When you should stop using the medicine.
When you shouldn’t use the medicine.
About things you shouldn’t do while using the medicine.
The Other Information section tells you how to keep your medicine when you aren’t using it.
The Directions tell you how
to safely use the medicine:
How much to use.
How to use it.
How often to use it (how many times per day or how many hours apart).
How long you can use it.
The Warnings section also
tells you:
To check with a doctor before using medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
To keep medicines away from children.
The Inactive Ingredients are mixed with the active ingredient to form a pill, add flavor or color, or help the medicine last longer
The Drug Facts Label

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