SmartDraw Classic* has Reached Its End of Life

Here's the Bad News

The classic version of SmartDraw that runs on your Windows desktop is no longer being updated.

Here's the Good News

It has been replaced by a new SmartDraw that is more capable, more flexible, more secure and is always up to date.

Upgrade to the New SmartDraw

*SmartDraw Classic is the original SmartDraw for
Windows (WIN32) that installed on your Windows desktop.


The new SmartDraw has all the things you like about the old one

  • You can run it from an icon on your desktop
  • You can use it to draw floorplans, flowcharts and all the other diagrams you currently use
  • You can store your files on DropBox®, OneDrive®, GoogleDrive and even back them up on your local hard drive

And it offers lots of improvements

  • It runs everywhere: On a PC, on a Mac, in a web browser, on your phone. There are no limits to the number of devices you can use.
  • Your files are always available no matter where you use it and they are securely backed up automatically.
  • It integrates with Microsoft Office®, Google Workspace and modern tools like Teams, Confluence, Jira, Trello, Slack as well as most third-party storage providers, like OneDrive and SharePoint.
SmartDraw features

It offers many features that SmartDraw Classic* does not

  • An improved, modern user interface with great usability improvements including dynamic controls and expanded right-click options. Learn more.
  • An updated dashboard for navigating content that helps discoverability and provides a more dynamic experience. Learn more.
  • More flexible flowcharts and better swimlane options. Learn more.
  • Whiteboarding with a seamless workspace that supports multiple types of visuals. Learn more.
  • Improved data visualization including ability to import Jira issues. Learn more.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams. Learn more.
  • Search for any symbol and create a custom library of search results. Learn more.
  • Greatly improved comment system for collaboration. Learn more.
  • Build floor plans with better controls for angles and measuring distances.
  • Improved automation for engineering diagrams. Learn more.
  • More flexible ways of drawing flowcharts. Learn more.
  • More flexible org charts. Learn more.
  • Hugely improved technical diagrams like engineering, UML, ERD, and BPMN. Learn more.
  • The ability to add (or import) data to a shape to show additional information and even change the appearance of the shape. Learn more.
  • The ability to build whole diagrams from data, including configurations in AWS and Azure. Learn more.
SmartDraw improvements

You can continue to use your existing SmartDraw for Windows desktop for as long as you like, but we strongly recommend upgrading to the new, modern SmartDraw.

Once you make the switch, you can easily import one or all of your existing SmartDraw Desktop files into the new SmartDraw. You can even recreate the same folder tree you currently have on your desktop.

Upgrade to the New SmartDraw

*SmartDraw Classic is the original SmartDraw for Windows (WIN32) that installed on your Windows desktop.

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