The NEW and Revolutionary SmartDraw 2016

We're excited to tell you about the most revolutionary update to our product line to date. Meet the new SmartDraw 2016 with SmartDraw Cloud.

You already know SmartDraw as the best way to create professional diagrams. With SmartDraw 2016, we took all that power and ported it fully to the Cloud so you can now create and edit diagrams from any modern web browser on any device. You can also move seamlessly between SmartDraw 2016 and Cloud. Start a diagram at work on your Windows desktop and finish it on the go on your iPad or Mac laptop.

And that's not all! We've added new content and even more powerful features to help you diagram faster and better.

Here's everything that's new:

Introducing SmartDraw Cloud

The way the world works has changed a lot in the last few years. You want tools as nimble and connected as you are. That’s why we created SmartDraw Cloud.

SmartDraw 2016's new Cloud component lets you create and edit diagrams from any modern web browser on any device.

And unlike other cloud apps, SmartDraw is as powerful and fully functional in the cloud as it is on your desktop. Remarkable! Whether you're using SmartDraw in a web browser or on your desktop, it's the easiest and most powerful way to make a diagram.

SmartDraw 2016 for Windows and SmartDraw Cloud are fully integrated. You can save diagrams to SmartDraw's Cloud storage or you can use third party services like Dropbox®, Google Drive, or One Drive.

Introducing SmartDraw Cloud

New and Improved Visio® Import

SmartDraw 2016's Visio® filter is completely rewritten and more powerful than ever. Even the most complex shapes and diagrams will import reliably as fully editable SmartDraw diagrams and shapes. You'll be able to ungroup, change fill color, resize shapes and continue improving your Visio® diagrams using SmartDraw.

Rewritten and improved Visio import

Introducing Support for Multiple Pages

SmartDraw 2016 will now support multiple pages in a single document. You can save all your related flowcharts, organizational charts, and other diagrams as separate pages of a single SmartDraw file. This makes previously complex projects easier share with others and helps you stay better organized.

Support for multiple pages

Improved Sharing

With SmartDraw 2016, sharing SmartDraw files has never been easier.

If you need to share a diagram with colleagues, simply email them a link. They won't need to own SmartDraw, create an account, or download anything. They just need to click on your link. It's that easy.

Improved sharing Share diagrams with just a link

A Modern User Interface

We updated the look and feel of SmartDraw's UI to make the tools you use the most easier to find. Using SmartDraw 2016 will feel like a breath of fresh air. See for yourself!

Modern user interface New templates

All New Themes and Updated Templates

You'll also get a brand new set of updated themes and templates, so you can continue to create professional, presentation-ready diagrams without having to worry if your design is up to date. Just select a new theme or template and you'll have a modern, clean diagram ready to impress the boardroom or client.

New themes

New Symbols for Network Design, Wireframing and More

This release is also full of brand new content for the diagrams you use the most. You'll get brand new modern network design symbols, web design and wireframing content, sales territory maps, fault tree diagrams, and much more.

New network symbols

Free Maintenance for One Year

Your upgrade also includes annual maintenance (a $49.95 value), which provides access to SmartDraw Cloud and premium support, access to your download, and free upgrades for one year*.

*You may use SmartDraw 2016 for Windows for as long as you want without any additional payments. After one year you may renew maintenance for $49.95 at your option. You will NOT be automatically billed. Maintenance is NOT required to use SmartDraw 2016 for Windows.

Free maintenance

Upgrade Now

SmartDraw 2016 is the best, most exciting, and most powerful version of SmartDraw to date! Get yours today! Upgrade now.