SmartDraw Extensions

SmartDraw Extensions are apps in SmartDraw that generate a diagram automatically from a data source.

The familiar example of generating a visual from data is X/Y data shown as line graphs and bar charts. There are many solutions for this, including Excel®.

With Extensions, SmartDraw applies data visualization to non-XY data, making it just as easy to visualize hierarchies, flows and other relationships automatically.

Data driven diagrams

For example, this class diagram is generated from source code automatically.

Class diagram

Built-In Extensions

Extensions are applications integrated into SmartDraw that can generate diagrams from data.

Normally, clicking on a template icon in SmartDraw opens that template as a new diagram. Clicking on an extension icon will instead prompt you to point to a source of relevant data. Generating a diagram from that data is as easy as selecting some formatting options and clicking a "Build Diagram" button.

SmartDraw has a number of built-in extensions that can generate a data-driven diagram from an external source and we're constantly adding new ones. Explore the existing built-in extensions below.

ERD extension
Database Diagrams and ERD

Visualize your database structure automatically.
Learn more.

Class diagram extension
Class Diagram

Generate a UML class diagram from a GitHub or local repository.
Learn more.

Site map extension
Site Map

Build a site map from the data in a sitemap.xml file.
Learn more.

Decision tree extension
Decision Tree

Visualize your decision process automatically.
Learn more.

Create Your Own Extensions

SmartDraw's Open API makes it possible for you to create your own extensions and make them appear in the SmartDraw template dialog.

Read the documentation and learn how to make your own extension.

Open API