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What is a Calendar?

Calendars help organize daily life by serving as a reminder for all upcoming events. In addition, calendars may function as schedules that an individual or group of individuals follow in order to achieve a goal. In a business setting, a calendar may identify a series of milestone dates that the project team need to complete in order to stay on schedule. In a personal setting, it may simply be a work or class schedule.

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Types of Custom Calendars

There are limitless potential types of calendars and reasons for making them. Here are just a few possibilities.

  • Promotional calendars to advertise your small business.
  • Academic calendars for students and parents.
  • Personal calendars to give to family members with birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. These might also feature a variety of family photographs.
  • Schedule of events for a club, team, or organization.
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How to Make a Calendar

Calendars are basically a grid of boxes with each box representing a unit of time, usually a day, organized into logical groups like weeks and months. You can make a calendar in any program that lets you create a table. Each week is a row, each column a day.

SmartDraw has built in calendar templates that are already built. All you have to do to customize them is add your own logos, photos, or change colors or labels.

  • Determine the type of calendar. Decide if it will be a personal or public calendar. Determine the appropriate time frame to be used.  The most commonly used types of calendars available in SmartDraw are yearly, monthly, and weekly.
  • Select a calendar template. In addition to creating calendars based on time frames, you have the option to create booklet or photo calendars. Select the appropriate template that fits your personal or business need.
  • Label the calendar. Label the calendar appropriately so that your audience understands the type of information that is being shared.
  • Add standard occurrences and holidays. Although not necessary, it can be quite helpful to add national or worldwide holidays, phases of the moon, and/or daylight savings schedules.
  • Personalize. Add clip art or themed accents as desired and then proceed to fill in appointments and personal schedule.

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Calendar Examples

The best way to understand calendars is to look at some examples of calendars.

Browse SmartDraw's entire collection of calendar examples and templates

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