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Math Diagram

Math diagram example

What is a Math Diagram?

A math diagram is any diagram that conveys mathematical concepts. This includes basic charts and graphs as well as sophisticated logic and geometrical diagrams.

Math and science concepts are often easier to understand with a visual aid. Mathematical diagrams are often created to illustrate concepts in textbooks or for presentation posters used at conferences. Some may also find it useful to create a math diagram for personal reference to work through a difficult problem visually.

Types of Math Diagrams

  • Argand diagram. Argand diagrams let you visualize a complex number. A complex number is formed by combining a real number with an imaginary number expressed as a + bi. Visually this can be plotted as a point on a diagram where the x-axis is the real number and the y-axis is the imaginary one. Argand diagram
  • Commutative diagram. A commutative diagram illustrates vectors that if followed lead to the same result. Commutative diagram
  • Hasse diagram. A Hasse diagram shows elements in a partially ordered set (also known as a poset) using vectors to show ordering relationships. Hasse diagram
  • Venn diagram. A Venn diagram illustrates the relationships between a finite set of categories. Venn diagram
  • Voronoi diagram. A Voronoi diagram is created by splicing up space around a set of points using a complex formula. You start with a set of points on a plane and end up with a closed set of regions where all the space inside each boundary is closer to the point that it encompasses than any other point on the plane.

How to Create a Math Diagram

Math diagrams can be sketched by hand or simulated using computer graphics. You can also create math diagrams and worksheets using drawing software that allows you to draw simple shapes and lines. This may be perfect for teaching and presentations.

SmartDraw has a number of math diagram templates you can always customize including Venn diagrams and other charts.

Math Diagram Examples

Click on any of these math diagrams included in SmartDraw and edit them:

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