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Company newsletter template

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is a publication that is issued on a recurring schedule. It usually focuses on one main topic of interest. While some newsletters are still printed and mailed, it has become far more common to publish them on a website.

A newsletter is a way to provide your organization's members, customers, or prospects with important information you want them to have. While it can be an effective marking tool, all too often organizations find that their newsletter fails in this endeavor. Why is this?

All too often, newsletters take the wrong approach, which is to blast a sales message. This can be tiresome for your customers. As a result the newsletter doesn't get read and doesn't attract new subscribers.

When crafting a newsletter, focus instead on quality content that will interest and engage the reader. Think of ways to present them with useful, informative information. Combine this with a well-designed, branded theme, and your readers will connect this useful content with you.

How to Make a Newsletter

No one can tell you what to write in a newsletter. You'll have to find a way to craft your own message that resonates with your audience. However, you can use some layout tools to help display your message. Perhaps you want to create a mailer for your local group, club, or organization. SmartDraw has templates that can help you format your message and easily add logos and photos. You can also drag and drop any of SmartDraw's professionally designed graphics. Add custom charts and graphs.

Best Practices When Creating a Newsletter

  • Focus on the content. In real estate, the keys to success are location, location, and location. In newsletters they are content, content, and content. The articles should be written with the audience in mind. They should reflect the interests of readers and provide some type of benefit for them. Articles about saving money or time, increasing knowledge, or pure entertainment are just a few of the types of articles you may choose to include. If you don't have talent in house to produce this type of content, seek help from free-lance writers.
  • Give your newsletter a name. The title and branding of the newsletter should be prominent and should represent what the newsletter stands for. Perhaps it will take the name of your organization, or play off of its name, logo, or primary product. Or maybe the name will be something completely different. The main idea is to make it memorable and link it to your organization's identity in a meaningful way.
  • Brainstorm topics. Create a list of topics that you would like to include in the newsletter. You may choose to include a message from the president of the club or organization, special promotions, customer or member news, upcoming events, interviews, or articles written by experts in the particular field of interest.
  • Include eye-catching headlines. An eye-catching headline will draw in your readers. Use action verbs or trending topics. Enlarging the font as well as using bold colors will also help draw interest.

Newsletter Examples

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