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Fire door sign template

What is a Sign?

Signs are displayed or posted for public view and function as a type of notice. They are used to name a location, provide directions or instructions, issue a warning, or serve as an advertisement.

Signs are invaluable for ensuring the safety of others, providing accurate information, and saving time. Signs are used in every industry and are a part of everyday life. They allow society to travel safely through the use of traffic and street signs. They name or label locations such as entrances and exits, restrooms, and names of buildings. Signs often prove to be valuable in case of an emergency. They indicate the location of emergency exits, defibrillators and fire extinguishers.

Private property sign template

How to Create Signs

Here are some tips for designing and creating custom signs.

  • Use universal symbols. Signs, especially those that function as warnings, ensure the safety of others. Using universal symbols is essential since information will be more universally understood across language, cultural, or age barriers. Poison sign template
  • Let colors convey meaning. There are common associations made between color and what they represent. Leveraging this existing understanding will add emphasis and further meaning to the sign you are designing. For example, red represents danger and warning. Yellow is often used to caution others before proceeding. No parking sign template
  • Keep it simple. Signs are typically designed to be read from afar. With that said, the text is often simplified and limited to only a few words. Emergency exit sign template
  • Use plain font. Use simple or plain text in a sign. This allows the viewer to take in the information quickly and easily. Entering text in all capital letters can also add more emphasis to the meaning of the sign and can aide in reading it from a distance. Caution sign template

Sign Examples

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