SmartDraw Adds Powerful New Features for CAD and Floor Plans

SmartDraw has the most complete feature set for creating scaled drawings: better than Visio® and much easier to use than dedicated CAD software like AutoCAD®.

SmartDraw is the ideal tool for drawing accurate:

  1. Architectural plans - including floor plans, office layouts, landscape plans and building designs
  2. Engineering diagrams - including mechanical engineering and civil engineering

SmartDraw powerful CAD features include:

1. Draw to Any Scale

You can draw using any scale selected from the standard architectural, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and metric scales. The drawing area shows rulers and a grid in real world coordinates. Dimensions can also be shown for any shape or line in several different styles.

Draw to any scale

2. Change Size by Typing in the Dimensions

You can set the size of any shape or line by simply entering the desired value into the editable dimensions label. This remarkable feature is unique to SmartDraw.

Type dimensions

3. Change Scale on the Fly and Define Custom Scales

You can change the scale of any drawing at any time. You don't have to choose this before you start drawing. You can even flip between standard and metric scales at will. You can also define your own scale if is not among the standard scales offered.

Custom scale

4. Print to Scale

You can print your drawing to your chosen scale or you can print it to a different scale. You can also print the same drawing to multiple scales.

Print to scale

5. A Scale-Independent Annotation Layer

You can add a layer for annotations that automatically adjust their size and position as the drawing area (or paper size) changes. Add the scale, author and other information about the design just like the "page view" in a traditional CAD program.

CAD Layers

6. Integration with AutoCAD® and Visio®

SmartDraw can open a DXF file and use it as a background layer for further design. Import the floor plan of your office and add furniture, wiring, and so on to create an enhanced plan.

You can also import and edit Visio® diagrams. If you have colleagues who still use Visio, you can also export any drawing to Visio® to help you collaborate better.

DXF Background
Export to Visio

7. A Huge Library of Architectural and Engineering Symbols

SmartDraw includes an extensive set of symbol libraries of furniture, office workspaces and other architectural symbols that scale to the drawing automatically as you add them.

Symbol library
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