5 of the Most Requested Improvements to Floor Planning

You asked and we listened. Here are some of the most requested improvements and changes to the floor planning tools that are now included with SmartDraw:

  • Ability to print the grid
  • Larger paper sizes so you can print plans for government approval and more
  • New extension-style dimension lines for both walls and objects that can be moved, adjusted, and styled
  • Improved wall adjustment tools
  • Improved rotation of shapes that attach to walls

SmartDraw's powerful floor plan designer just got even more powerful and easier to use.

Printing the Grid

You can now include the grid when you print your designs. A handy option for many technical users and often a requirement for municipal work. Select Print and in the Print Preview dialog check or uncheck the box for "Print Grid."

Print the grid for floor plans

Expanded Paper Sizes

SmartDraw now offers more than 25 size options for printing. In addition the standard letter, legal, and ledger sizes, you can now print to large variety of paper options that may be required for any planning approval process. Including:

  • C, 17" x 22"
  • Arch C, 18" x 24"
  • Arch D, 24" x 36"
  • Arch E1, 30" x 42"
  • And much more
Larger paper sizes for printing floor plans

Adjustable Dimension Lines

Both walls and any shapes on your plan can be made to show their dimensions using extension-style dimension lines.

With a shape selected, click on Dimensions under the Design tab, and check the box for Extension Lines to display that shape's dimensions using extension lines.

You can also adjust the position of these dimension lines. Just drag the diamond handle to move the dimension line closer or further from the shape or wall.

Style your dimension lines like any other type on your plan. Select the dimension and choose a new font style or size for your entire plan.

Adjustable dimension lines

Improved Wall Adjustment Tools

It's now even easier to adjust and move walls for floor plans. Once you've created an outline for your room or house, click on a wall and you'll see two types of growth handles appear.

The handle with an up and down or right to left arrow will allow you to move your wall inward or outward vertically or horizontally.

The handle at the corners where walls meet will help you adjust your wall diagonally by letting you move the placement of the corner.

Grab any other part of the walls to move the entire room, including all of the room's contents.

Wall adjustment handles

Improved Rotation of Shapes Attached to Walls

SmartDraw's doors and windows are now smarter than ever. Like before, you can drag and drop any window or door to a wall and snap it in place. If you need to rotate it, just grab its rotation handle or use the Rotate or Flip commands on the Design tab. This is a good way to make sure your plan reflects how a door or window will open.

Better door and window rotation
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