SmartDraw is More Powerful Than Ever

Over the last year, we added dozens of improvements to SmartDraw to help you draw anything easily while also giving you the freedom to draw from a Mac or online from any device. SmartDraw continues to lead the industry in bringing desktop power to online diagramming with an unparalleled set of templates and features.

SmartDraw's new features include:

1. Find Your Documents Easier

SmartDraw now has thumbnail previews of your own saved diagrams. You no longer have to try to remember what you named a document, just look for its image in the template browser.

Thumbnail previews

2. Full Asian Character Support

You can now add text and customize templates in your native language. This is a must for today's global economy.

Full Asian character support

3. Working with Complex Symbols

You can now ungroup and edit the components of complex symbols to help you draw technical diagrams more easily.

Ungroup symbols

4. Works with the Tools You Know

SmartDraw now lets you quickly add diagrams to Google Docs and Sheets using a new G Suite Add-On. Add your diagrams to reports and presentations.

SmartDraw integrations
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