Online Project Management: Make Gantt Charts Online

SmartDraw brings its revolutionary approach to project management to its online edition.

SmartDraw makes creating a Gantt chart online easy. Add tasks, assign due dates, and create dependencies in just a few clicks.

Add or remove tasks, change start or end dates, and SmartDraw realigns and arranges all the task bars so that everything continues looks great.

Different Views of the Same Project: Flip Your Project Chart to a Mind Map for Meetings and Reports

SmartDraw lets you work how you think naturally. You can create your Gantt chart first and switch to a mind map view for a high level overview of tasks for a meeting or report.

Alternatively, you can scope out your project using a mind map by brainstorming everything that needs to get done and then convert your plan to a Gantt chart with a single click.

Flip between views as needed. Changes made in one view will be automatically reflected in the other.

SmartDraw's ability to manage any project either as a mind map or a Gantt chart gives you the power to control what level of detail you see.

The mind map gives you a high-level view of tasks and how they're related. It's great for running a project planning meeting and making sure everyone's on the same page. The Gantt chart view lets you dive into the details of the project plan and update task progress and expected completion dates.

Convert your project chart to a mind map

Add Accountability with Trello® Integration

SmartDraw makes it easy to connect your project plan to an existing Trello board. Select any task and create a Trello card in just a few clicks.

  1. Click the "Create Trello Card" button
  2. Login to Trello
  3. Choose any of your existing boards
  4. Select the lane the task belongs on
  5. Assign a team member
Create a Trello card from any task

Changes to any connected Trello cards are reflected in your project chart the next time you open it. So when a team member marks a Trello card as complete, the project manager will also see this in the SmartDraw project chart. Likewise, changes to the project chart, like task due dates, are reflected in the Trello card in real time.

SmartDraw Trello integration

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