Announcing SmartDraw 2018

SmartDraw 2018 includes lots of big improvements to help you get more done. Manage projects, turn mind maps into project charts, connect to Trello®, make better wireframes, create infographics and explore powerful new visualization tools and so much more.

Here is what's new in SmartDraw 2018:

  • Create project charts online and connect tasks to your Trello boards. You can easily plan and visualize a project in SmartDraw and your team can use Trello to mark their progress on tasks. Changes made in SmartDraw are reflected on the Trello board in real time, and vice versa. It's a powerful combination.
  • Turn any mind map into a Gantt chart with just a click. Switch between views easily. Changes made in one view will be automatically reflected in the other.
  • Create a Trello card for any item on a mind map. Brainstorm and run meetings using SmartDraw's visuals and make them actionable with Trello.
  • Make a wireframe for your next website or mobile app with completely revamped wireframing tools including new symbols and templates.
  • Over 140 new presentation-ready templates for infographics.
  • Import data to build organizational charts and mind maps and export data from existing diagrams.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on your account for additional security.
  • All CAD drawings now have a powerful annotation layer.
  • Save your diagrams to Box® in addition to the variety of existing third-party storage options SmartDraw has.
  • Import Visio® stencils in addition to Visio® files.
  • Create custom symbol libraries for your team.
  • Translate SmartDraw's UI with support for 100 different languages.
  • Add diagrams to Trello cards.
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