Announcing SmartDraw 2019

SmartDraw 2019 refreshes all your content with a new modern look, introduces time-saving floor plan improvements, and empowers you to create true enterprise solutions with shape data, an open API, and new extensions to build org charts and decision trees. License your entire organization with a true site license!

There are two ways to get the latest SmartDraw:

What's New in SmartDraw 2019:

New Modern Themes

  • Every flowchart, mind map, org chart and many other common diagrams have an updated look and feel
  • You can apply new, professionally designed themes to your own diagrams
New themes

Floor Plans Made Easier

  • Show and set angles between walls and lines
  • Show distances of windows and doors from the corners of a space
Floor plan improvements

Make Your Diagrams Smarter with Shape Data

  • Associate fields and values with shapes in any diagram
  • Import data and map it to existing shapes
  • Show data in a tool tip or inline
  • Create dashboards using data rules that can change the appearance of a shape
  • Export a manifest of components
Shape data

The SmartDraw Development Platform with Open API

  • Skip the drawing process and generate diagrams from data without coordinates using VisualScript, a new markup language
  • Built-in Extensions help you build diagrams from data without any development effort
  • Create your own Extension to generate a diagram from any data source
Open API

New Extensions to Build Diagrams Automatically

  • Build org charts from external data automatically using the new Org Chart Extension
  • Visualize your decisions with the new Decision Tree Extension
New org chart and decision tree extensions

Introducing the True Site License

  • You can license your entire organization for one annual price
  • Assign roles for users: Editors, Read-Only Viewers, License Administrators
  • Pricing is determined by the number of Editors
  • You can use SSO to assign pre-defined LDAP groups to each role
  • In addition to Okta, SmartDraw now also supports Azure AD SSO
True site license

How to Get the Latest SmartDraw