New Improvements: Sub-Charts and Processes, OneDrive for Business, and More

You asked and we listened. Here are some of the most requested improvements now available in the latest update to SmartDraw:

  • You can automatically add sub-charts, sub-processes, and sub-maps to org charts, flowcharts, and mind maps
  • Connect and save files to OneDrive® for Business and SharePoint®
  • Drag-and-drop to organize your files and much more

The latest updates to SmartDraw ensure that it continues to be the most powerful and easy diagramming tool you've ever used.

Sub-Charts, Sub-Processes, and Sub-Maps

The new sub-chart feature lets you break down complex diagrams into more manageable components.

When you're ready to add a new sub component to your flowchart, org chart, or mind map, you can click a button on the SmartPanel that creates a new page where you can continue your diagram. This new sub-chart is just another page in your document and it is automatically linked to the original diagram.

For instance, if you want to link to another department and thus a separate org chart, starting at a specific employee at the director or VP level, just select the specific employee's shape and click "Create Sub-Chart" in the SmartPanel.

This opens a new page within your file where you can build the org chart for the department. You can do this for however many sub-charts that you want. Click on the link within the shape to navigate between the original org chart and the sub-charts.

Easily add sub-processes to a complicated flowchart to make it easier to follow and add sub-maps to a mind map to clearly index hubs of information, meeting agendas and project tasks. It's a very powerful tool.

SmartDraw sub-chart

Support for OneDrive® for Business and SharePoint®

In addition to the long list of supported third party storage integrations like Google Drive, Box®, and Dropbox®, SmartDraw now also supports OneDrive® for Business and Microsoft SharePoint®.

Connect SmartDraw to OneDrive® for Business and SharePoint®, and you can easily save and open files from there.

SmartDraw OneDrive and SharePoint integration

Easier Organization

You can now drag and drop files and folders into other folders right on the template dialog. This makes is easier to organize your diagrams without opening each individually and resaving them.

Need to edit the name of a file? You can now just click in the upper right corner of your diagram where you see the current name of your file and type. No need to use "Save As".

Easy file organization
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