SmartDraw Makes Lean Diagramming Leaner

San Diego, CA - November 5, 2013 - Can Lean get leaner? The folks at SmartDraw Software think so, and have rolled out a new set of tools they believe will make creating Lean diagrams faster and easier than ever.

Lean thinking places an organization's focus on two things: maximizing customer value while minimizing waste. Creating useful visuals is an important component of Lean methodology. But SmartDraw CEO Paul Stannard says his company saw an opportunity to apply Lean thinking to Lean diagrams.

"Many of our customers use SmartDraw visuals, such as value stream maps and cause-and-effect diagrams to implement Lean processes. But we observed a lot of waste in making those diagrams. We thought it could be eliminated, so we set out to do just that."

The changes are impressive. Instead of requiring the user to manually arrange shapes, draw connecting lines and perform calculations, the new SmartDraw version does these things automatically. This allows the user to focus on problem-solving with Lean, rather than drawing Lean diagrams.

"We've automated-and even eliminated-many of the essential steps in Lean diagramming," Mr. Stannard said. "For example, there are typically eight steps needed to produce a value stream map. With SmartDraw CI, you only need five of them. The potential time and cost savings right there is significant.

"We really have applied Lean principles to Lean diagrams-this new version of SmartDraw will add a lot of value for customers who use Lean tools, because they can eliminate considerable waste when making Lean diagrams."

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About SmartDraw

SmartDraw helps organizations of any size save time and achieve bottom-line results by providing easy-to-make charts, graphs and diagrams. SmartDraw visuals help to clarify communication, improve operations, implement plans and complete projects on time. The company's latest flagship version, SmartDraw CI, enables anyone of any skill level to quickly and easily create more than 70 types of diagrams including flowcharts, project charts, org charts, floor plans and more. SmartDraw users can achieve professional-quality results in just minutes. Nearly all Fortune 500 companies use SmartDraw, as do more than 250,000 public, private and government organizations worldwide. Founded in 1994, SmartDraw is privately held, with headquarters in San Diego, California. For more information or to download a free trial of SmartDraw, please visit


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